Detox Your Body in 3 Easy Steps

Detox Your Body in 3 Easy Steps

There is a lot of talk of the importance of detoxing your body these days. Our bodies are bombarded by toxins and pollutants every day in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

We don’t take these things into our bodies intentionally. It is just a part of the modern world we live in.

Cars and factories put pollutants in the air.

Chemicals run off into our water supplies and are absorbed by produce.

There is really no way to escape absorbing toxins into our bodies.

However, we can combat the harmful effects of these pollutants by cleansing our bodies inside and out with a complete body detox.

You may have an image of the detox process as being harsh and difficult to carry out. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes there are detox processes that are rough and a bit harsh, but if you cleanse your body naturally it is pleasant and healing.

The cleansing process should follow three basic steps, which we will look at here.

Prepare Mentally and Physically
To get yourself ready to detox, you need to prepare both your mind and you body for the process.

To prepare your mind use meditation and positive self talk. The meditations can be simply sitting in a quiet area, free from the noise and chaos of the outside world.

In fact, it is good to implement meditation in your everyday life if possible. Nothing is quite as calming after a stressful day at work than to sit or lie down quietly with the simple sound of silence or comforting ocean sounds. When you use meditation as a way to prepare your mind for detox you are actually getting it ready for the cleansing process and the peace it will bring to your body.

Positive self talk is like giving yourself a pep talk.

Similar to what a coach will do to get his team ready to play. Make a list of positive phrases to tell your body that you want it to be healthy and free from toxins.

Some people may think this type of self talk is a bit strange, but self talk and positive affirmations are very beneficial to both the mind and the body. Most people who are successful in life use some form of self talk to keep themselves motivated.

To prepare your body physically, do yoga or simple stretches. Gently loosen your muscles and awaken the fibers of your being. As you stretch, you will become more aware of your body and build a stronger connection. This connection will help you follow through with your detox because you will want what is best for your body.

Begin the Detox Process
Most people dread the actual process of cleansing, but it is actually quite refreshing and renewing. Compare it to taking a long bath after working in the yard on a hot summer day. Washing the grit and grime from your skin – only with detox you are doing to your insides!

There are many different natural detoxification diets you can try, but it is always good to start with a basic natural food cleanse. This type of cleanse uses fresh foods that are a close to nature as possible. These foods provide the essential oils, fiber, and nutrients you will need for an effective cleanse.

For 24 hours only eat fresh greens, raw soups, and healthy oils such as flax, primrose, and olive oil. Juicing the vegetables is a perfect way to eat them. Create a fresh juice of kale, celery, spinach, wheat grass, parsley and other fresh greens then drink this juice three times daily. You can also make these vegetables into a vegetable soup that also includes garlic.

The most important thing to remember is to eat only these foods and keep them as natural as possible. Don’t add other things to your diet and keep all processed foods out of your diet during the cleansing process. After you complete the detox you probably will not want to eat them anymore.

Completing The Cleanse
Coming to the end of a detox process doesn’t mean abruptly stopping the diet. You will want to slowly introduce other foods into your diet as you eat less of the foods you ate during the process. This portion of the cleanse should take about three days.

During the entire cleanse it is important to drink plenty of water. As the foods in the diet purge the toxins from the body, the water helps to flush the impurities out.

Water is vital to an effective cleanse.

Detoxing the body can make you feel better and have more energy. In addition,

getting rid of the toxins in your body will help prevent serious disease and boost your immunity. A body cleanse is the way to take charge of your health

The best way to naturally detox your body is simply going to be to stop taking in all the bad junk food and replace it with healthy organic foods.

Even though that may sound rather easy it’s actually going to be a lot more difficult than most people think.

The radical changes that you’re about to go through on a natural detox is going to break most people down because they can’t handle not going without sweets and junk food for too long.

But if you have the motivation and willpower to push yourself to eat healthier then you’re well on your way to naturally detoxing your body.

The first part of a natural detox is to remove all the junk food that

is causing your body to hold onto excess weight and make you feel horrible.

For this I would first recommend getting rid of any junk food or processed foods from your diet.

To do this you should go through your kitchen pantry and refrigerator and make sure that you toss out everything

or donate it to the homeless because if it’s left in your house it’ll become tempting to eat it.

Optimizing Water Intake to Lose Weight

Processed foods are loaded with chemicals and preservatives that will easily get absorbed in our bodies and make us hold onto excess fat.

The next part to naturally detox your body

is going to be to stop drinking anything except water and green tea.

Making sure that you stop drinking sugary drinks is going to be huge to lose weight and detox your body.

Sugar should be avoided as well along with artificial sweeteners because they’re going to cause just as much if not more damage than traditional sugar.

I would also consider not eating fruit because the fructose is another form of sugar that can also have significant effects on the body, instead focus on eating vegetables.

Also focus on eating only whole foods that are in their most original state possible.

I would also try to eat organic whenever you can because you may not get more nutrients with organic foods but you’ll definitely not be ingesting pesticides along with your food.

This also goes for dairy products that aren’t organic as well, make sure that you’re drinking milk and eating beef that is grass fed and not grain fed.

But even then you shouldn’t really be eating much dairy if you’re going on a serious detox program.

Just by eliminating those foods you can have great results if you’re looking to naturally detox your body.

But even these simple steps

will be too drastic for some people and they’ll end up binging in just a couple of days.

Starting again with a clean slate is going to be very important if you’re looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Going through a natural detox will do wonders for those who have the motivation and willpower to live to their full potential.

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