The Best Diet For Life

The Best Diet For Life

So you are looking to find the best diet for life.

Let’s take time to look at several issues before we settle on one diet for you.

1. Not everyone’s body is the same. We each have different genes making up our body.

Height, skin tone, eye color, and all other parts of our make up come from our genes.

So genes affect our weight as well. Some of us are genetically inclined to be heavier than others. Therefore the same diet does not work for all of us.

2. We all have different eating habits.

Some of us eat on the run everyday as we have a busy lifestyle.

3. We all have different exercise levels. Some of us exercise only when we walk to the table for another meal.

Some of us spend hours each day at the gym. The difference in exercise will make a difference in what we can eat and get away with.

So let’s look at the best diet for life. In reality it is different for each of us. We each need a different intake of calories to keep us going and maintain our body.

We must therefore modify our diet and exercise regimen to fit ourselves.

What do we do first? Let’s make a diet plan.

Instead of spending hours reading about the best new diet out there let’s start recording what we eat.

What we like best, what foods are good for us, what foods agree with our bodies and what foods we enjoy the most.

Next let’s look at the calorie content of theses foods. Now we know where we are and we know what we need to adjust to decrease the high calorie intake.

Make up your mind you are going to lose weight and make yourself stick to your plan.

This will help you ingrain the right eating habits and eliminate junk and “just one more” foods.

Avoid fat foods.

Avoid carbonated beverages- even diet beverages.

All of these foods either contain sugar and fat or induce your system to want more food.


You must exercise for 30 minutes daily even if you have to break it up into several short 10 minute episodes of exercise.

Periodically change your exercise regimen as your body gets used to one program and you plateau.

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You need to change the number of reps or the amount of time you spend exercising to get past this.

So the best diet for life is different for each of us as you can see. We each have specific needs and levels of intake and exercise to lose weight

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