Top 10 Abs Workout Equipment

Top 10 Abs Workout Equipment 

It is a fact that bodybuilders work hard to create great six pack abs and washboard stomachs. Top 10 Abs Workout work hard to create great six pack abs and washboard stomachs. Abs workout equipment can lead to having great abs

Top 10 Abs Workout

This look can be achieved by anyone who could spare some time to perform exercises to tone these muscles. The key is to isolate your workout of your stomach muscles and oblique muscles and combine this exercise with a good cardio exercise routine. The isolation of these muscles can easily be achieved.

Through the correct use of one of many abs workout equipment.

The simplest workout equipments are the floors of the house and a mat. Really, anyone can do crunches with just these two.

However for those who wish to directly target their abs and sculpt a ripped midsection.

10. Ab Tightener

The Ab Tightener is a simple piece of equipment that can be used anywhere, and at any time.

In fact, this equipment can be used while watching TV, sounds interesting, right?

The equipment is very easy to use. While seated with the legs folded at 90 degrees, the user places the bottom of the tightener near the knees.

What is so great about this equipment is that it targets the abs with a simple motion but tightens the whole abs as well as the obliques.

9. Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel is an inexpensive piece of equipment that provides a fantastic and effective Abs workout.

Although it looks quite easy to use, caution must be exercised at all times when using the wheel as the user can easily fall flat on the floor.

While bending, the wheel should be placed just in front of the user’s feet, making sure that the arms and the legs are straight.

Then without standing up the body is pulled back up to starting position. Quite challenging effective once mastered.

8. Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle combines a cardio exercise with an abs workout.

The main position for using the equipment is by kneeling.

With the knees placed inside the knee bowls while the hands firmly grip the handle bars.

. These exercises tone the obliques, abs, and the upper body.

7. Ab Swing

The Ab Swing targets all the abs muscles.

The user sits on the cushion while holding the handlebars firmly the feet should be resting on the foot rest.

The body is then tilted to one side so that it sits on the left and right buttocks.

By contracting the abs and the obliques the legs are pulled up and then down.

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6. 45 Degree Slant Board The Slant Board is used to tone the back muscles.

Those who have one at home or at the gym can use it to trim the abs.

This can be done by turning the body sideways on the board.

With the feet secured on the supports at the bottom.

Top 10 Abs Workout

5. Medicine Ball

Weighted medicine ball can be used for abs workout.

4. BOSU Balance Trainer

The Both Sides Up or BOSU Balance Trainer is a domed equipment use for balancing and other exercises but can also tone the muscles at the abdomen.

3. Exercise Ball

The Exercise Ball is among the most versatile and inexpensive equipment used for abs workout.

2. Captain’s Chair

The Captain’s Chair is a padded exercise machine where the user can also get great abs.

The starting position is letting the legs hang towards the floor. While gripping the handles firmly, the user slowly raises the knees towards the chest and back to the starting position.

Top 10 Abs Workout

1. Ab Exercise Machines

To best target the abs, abs exercise machines are the equipment of choice – an example is the horizontal ab exercise machine.

It strengthen the legs and thighs while toning the abs. These equipment allow the user to do crunches and other abs exercises.

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